Private Speech Therapy!

Speech Kids New York offers private speech therapy at your home.
The rate is

  • $150 for a 30 minutes session;
  • $165 for a 45 minutes session;
  • $180 for a 60 minutes session.

We do not take DOE vouchers for home visits. Home visits are on UES and UWS.


What Our Happy Clients say about us

  • Alena helped my son with lisp. He was 10 years old and we did not even imagine that’s his lisp can be cured. Thank you very much!
    Janiyah S. Customer
  • Our therapist worked with my 4 year old son for a year and he made so much progress with his language. She referred my son to a psychologist and our son was diagnosed with Autism. We are so happy she noticed he needed additional testing. In spite of the fact that he was seen regularly by the pediatrician, his diagnosis was missed.
    Kim S. Customer
  • Ms. M is a dedicated, professional therapist who gave my 6 year old daughter the care and attention she needed to improve her communication skills. We are grateful to have Ms. M as her therapist, and she looks forward to seeing her every time she has a session.
    John G. Customer
  • Speech Kids Academy (SKA) was referred to me by an SLP colleague and I am so so grateful for it! SKA is so well-informed, attentive, and responsive to the clinician's concerns, and actively supports trouble-shooting and/or resolving any issues that arise in the field. They respond insanely quickly, and abundantly funnels opportunities to work with a variety of populations in a variety of settings. They're also very experienced in so many facets of the profession, and unreservedly offers so much advice and wisdom. A true gift in this competitive field. Definitely no regrets connecting and working with this agency!
    Janice Speech-Language Pathologist, M.S., CCC-SLP (Current Employee)
  • After multiple offers from other CF positions, I decided to sign up with SKA mainly because of the hiring manager's immediate transparency about what it's actually like to work through an agency. And after 3 months of working with my supervisor, I certainly feel that I made the right decision. From the initial conversations, she made me feel listened to and offered me multiple options (full time, part time, a combination of settings, home care in good areas) that matched my population of interest. Quality supervision has been provided on a regular basis, however, the best parts about working with my supervisor are a) she is responsive to text messages regarding therapy advice almost instantly and b) she actually works in the SLP field herself. My supervisor seems to always be available, both through texts or calls, and she is extremely kind and knowledgable. Additionally, she is very supportive if something comes up (i.e., I had to take a few days off; my SESIS account was not working) and has always done everything in her power to expedite a resolution. It doesn't hurt that SKA pays a premium per hour, considerably more than any of the other agencies I spoke with. It is a little overwhelming at times to keep up with the paperwork for billing, however this is part of the reality of working with any agency. I would absolutely recommend Speech Kids Academy to both CFs and licensed therapists!
    Joanna Speech-Language Pathologist, M.S., CCC-SLP (Current Employee)
  • I began working part-time as an independent contractor speech-language pathologist with Speech Kids Academy at a Head Start preschool in the Bronx in January 2019. She has also referred me to some home visits to children right in my neighborhood. The owner has fairly compensated me in a timely manner, at a higher rate than other agencies with whom I have worked in the past. She is available at any time to communicate with me. She has been very supportive and open to answering questions about the cases and scheduling, and has been nice and friendly. I highly recommend her to any speech-language pathologist who is interested in working as a contractor with children in schools and in home visits. Fern Hanover, MA, MEd, MS, CCC-SLP
    Fern Hanover Speech-Language Pathologist, M.S., CCC-SLP (Current Employee)
  • As a contract employee, I have worked with SKA conducting evaluations and providing therapy in schools throughout Manhattan. My supervisor is a pleasure to work with, and she answers all questions promptly and thoroughly. The compensation is great. As compared to past agencies I have worked for, the billing process is efficient and I am paid in a timely manner. I would highly recommend working for this agency.
    Maria Maria M.S. CCC-SLP, TSSLD- Bilingual (Current Employee)
  • I’m currently completing my CF with speech kids academy and I think it’s a great company to work for! My supervisor, who is also the owner of the company, offers great placement opportunities and is a great supervisor. She pays much higher than other agencies which is another plus. There is a lot of paperwork involved when it comes to billing but that is how it is with most agencies. I love that your able to meet with the school and if for whatever reason it is not what you are looking for, Alena will do her best to find you another placement in a timely matter. I think speech kids academy is a wonderful company to work for!
    Dianne (Current Employee)
  • Working for Speech Kids Academy was the best decision I've ever made. I was lucky enough to find this agency after having a terrible experience working for a more well known/larger agency. Thankfully, my experience at SKA was nothing like my previous experiences. Some benefits for working at SKA (compared to other agencies) are as follows: minimal paperwork, great salary, caring and extremely responsive supervisor, who is always there to answer whatever questions or concerns that might arise. Additionally, the supervisor really cares about making sure all your needs are met and providing you with as many work opportunities as desired. If you're looking for a no-nonsense agency that will cater to your individual needs, I highly recommend working for SKA!
    Miriam (Current Employee)
  • I recommend Speech Kids Academy to any SLP looking for a contract company. Alena is patient, understanding, and works so hard to make you happy. I found her agency when I suddenly had to quit my full-time gig. She found me convenient cases right away and put my mind at ease quickly. I hope to continue working with Alena for some time with either cases or evaluations.
    Gail’s McKenna’s Current Employee
  • I was lucky to come across Speech Kids Academy agency when I was looking for a contact position work in the middle of the school year. My supervisor was very helpful with finding me a school of my choice, she introduced me to school staff and made sure that I had a smooth start in general. She was also available if I had any questions along the way. I highly recommend working with this agency and I hope for future collaborations.
    Ella Averburch Current Employee

Speech Kids New York available to come to you in the following locations:

We are an therapy agency providing speech therapy in all 5 boroughs of NYC (schools and home care) and Nassau County of Long Island (home care).

Working Hours

MONDAY 9:00AM-8:00PM
FRIDAY 9:00AM-8:00PM
SUNDAY 9:00AM-2:00PM


Compensation for CFs: Monolingual $60 per hour, Bilingual $70 per hour on W 2 (TSSLD is required), partial coverage of your health insurance (conditions apply), benefits. Compensation for licensed providers: monolingual are $65 per hour on W 2 and $75 per hour on 1099, bilingual providers are $75 per hour on W 2 and $85 per hour on 1099. We are looking forward to speaking with you!