Private Speech Therapy!

We offer speech therapy Remote and At Your House.

We offer remote speech therapy for children and adults from 17 months+.
Our team consists of experienced monolingual and bilingual therapists who know how to engage your child in person or online, and we are competent to work with different age groups and disorders.
We speak 9 languages: Spanish, Cantonese, Arabic, Russian, French, Italian, Greek, Uzbek, and Tajik.
The cost for bilingual remote speech therapy for 60min – $180, 45min – $150, and 30min – $120.
The cost for monolingual remote speech therapy for 60 min – $150, 45 min – $120, and 30 min – $100.

We provide monolingual and bilingual evaluations in 9 languages for Remote and In-person. We can take DOE evaluations for school age children residing in NYC and Long Island. Our price is $500 for monolingual and $700 for bilingual.


#1 Speech Therapy for Children. Affordable, Convenient & Effective.

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    Speech Kids New York available to come to you in the following locations:

    We are an therapy agency providing speech therapy in all 5 boroughs of NYC (schools and home care) and Nassau County of Long Island (home care).

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