Our story

After working with 6 different agencies as a clinical fellow and licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, I learned all the pros and cons of working for an agency.
I had a different experience with each agency, and it felt like it would never be what I wanted.
I know I love working with children and am not interested in working for a school district or in other settings so decided I will find my own agency. My goal is to have happy clients and happy therapists, which will help them to become motivated and more successful therapists. I want my therapists to be happy with their job and compensation and to have the option of choosing if they want to be independent providers or employees with benefits.

Our therapists also won’t need to spend hours on billing.

Speech Kids NY offers compensation for 0.3 CEU credits after 6 months of employment with us full time (30 hours + per week).
Salary: bi-weekly

I am open to your suggestions.

Founder of Speech Kids NY

Area of expertise

Speech – Language Pathology